About us


It all started in 2013 by three highly motivated engineers specializing in the field of instrumentation, electronics and telecommunication, who had a dream of providing quality engineering and technology services. In 2015, GiPzonICs found the day light when we started doing academic instruments and research work. Gradually, our passion drove us to explore and extend our services in the field of domestic and industrial automation.

Today we are highly skilled and disciplined to conquer the targets.we  have continually improved from the last couple of years. We are at profitable state today, and we always  expect to grow the revenue by four times every year.


Gireesh Gachinamath
Founder | Managing partner

Anupkumar Patil
Co-founder | Operations

Vinay Hegde 
Co-founder|Marketing & Sales

Gobinath Balraj 
Chief- Technical, R&D

Nandeesh K M
Support Engineer

Zaheedkamaal M
Support Engineer